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FOX News
Feb 12, 2010 5:00pm EST
report. so, who is the president's boss? ben bernanke. ben bernanke. all of our decisions are being made looking through the lens of these people. next, progressive taxes. millions. bringing down hollywood. next. >> glenn: so, yesterday, i was driving to jay leno's car garage. i'll tell you about that on the radio. but, i look up and they are covering the sign of hollywood. these are just we love the little animals. we just want to save the -- look at the mountain. so what they're doing is covering this iconic sign, that they fought so hard to make sure that sign is there. little do they know they don't want in a recession, they don't want any of the houses built on top of the peak. they want to keep pristine like it's always been intended. it's an icon of hollywood. can i show you an old picture? ? this is from 1923 or 1926. put this up. i love this picture. this says hollywoodland. why did it say that? that was originally a giant billboard advertising homes to be built on the peak. behold the irony. we have the publisher of and how are you? >> very w
FOX News
Feb 18, 2010 5:00pm EST
about being so sanguine about this is ben bernanke. there are a lot of talking heads saying deflation. i worry about the guy saying greenspan's policies had nothing to do with the situation we're in now. scary. >> glenn: so steven, how much, how much did inflation rise up today? >> the inflation rate? >> yes. charles probably knows the number. >> 1 hadn'1.4. >> that's troubling. we're starting to see increase creep in. we learned you can't stop it from growing. >> 1 hadn't 4. that's for producers. they can't pay more without passing on the price. >> correct. >> glenn: 1.4, they said it was annualized interest rate. 16% or something -- did you see that? >> no. but it's starting to creep up. >> glenn: do you have that, steven, do you know what i'm talking about? >> ultimate multiply it by 12. if we kept it up for 12 months. >> glenn: correct. you have inflation coming up. the way to have inflation go down is to suck the money back, correct? >> correct. >> glenn: which means higher interest rate meaning what to the debt payment? >> service on the debt. this is the conundrum the government i
FOX News
Feb 3, 2010 5:00pm EST
votes. today, ben bernanke began his second term as chair of the u.s. federal reserve. ceremonial swearing in was held earlier in washington. glen b glenn beck returns in a moment but first, bret baier previewing "special report". >> bret: what really came out of the white house briefing over how the christmas day bomber was handled? and what is the national intelligence director saying about the process now? join me in 27 minutes for special report. now back to glenn beck. >> glenn: you know, i'm so tired of the so-called experts, because they haven't gotten on all of this. they're scoffing now at the idea that china is the next superpower. i think it's already happened. we better wake up. i trust the regular americans more than the so-called experts. your agenda is america. what is their agenda? i can't figure it out sometimes. 44% of americans now believe china is the leading economic power. what do the people know that the experts refuse to address? maybe experts don't know how to read. it just read the chinese government is cutting back on imports. i saw that and i went holy
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)